Getting an assessment

getting-an-assessment-homeBefore you can receive a service we will need some information about you. We will meet with you to look at your situation and talk about the kind of help you think you will need. This is called a Care Act assessment. This assessment is focused on the outcomes that you would like to achieve.

For more information view our care act assessment fact sheet. Guidelines known as Eligibility criteria make sure that people in the greatest need and are most at risk are the first to receive services, you can read more information on the eligibility criteria fact sheet.

You can view a blank Care Act assessment which will give you an idea of the questions asked and help you to prepare for the Care Act assessment.

If you have concerns about someones ability to make decisions or their ability to make decisions about the way they are being treated or cared for you can view more information on the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Standards (DoLS) page.

If you feel that you need to discuss your situation further and are unable to find what you are looking for on MyLife, need support to access information, advice or advocacy, or if you want to make a referral to Adult Social Care for a Care Act assessment, Occupational Therapy assessment or a Review of your current care due to a change in circumstances you can contact My Choice on 01952 459252 the service is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Alternatively you can view a list of Advocacy services.

If you want to contact your current allocated professional but do not have their direct telephone number, please call either Wrekin hub on 01952 385577, Hadley Castle hub on 01952 387183 or Lakeside South hub on 01952 385465 and we will transfer you to the professional if they are available and provide you with their direct telephone number.

You can find other useful details on the Contact Us information page which provides details about who to contact for example in a crisis when services are closed.

Getting a Carers Assessment

If you provide informal care to family or friends, you may wish to have a Carers Assessment, find out more in the Looking After Someone section.

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