Financial Assessment

If you need care and support in your own home, the community or in a residential or nursing home you can approach the Council for help towards paying for your care.

We use government guidance to assess your care needs that would be eligible for the Council to support. We call this a Care Act Assessment (follow the link to view a fact sheet about Care Act Assessments).

If your assessed needs are eligible for support we will carry out a financial assessment to help us work out what you can afford to pay.

If you have, savings of £23,250.00 or more the Council will not contribute to the cost of your care and support services. You can go direct to a provider of your choice and organise these services, you may wish to contact My Choice for information, advice and advocacy alternatively you can click here to search the service directory for Advocacy services. You can also view the Independent Financial Information and Advice section.

If you attempt to dispose or reduce your assets in order to access Council funding, which is called Deprivation of Assets the Council may assess you as still owning those assets. You can view more information around the rules for gifting assets on the Which? - Elderly Care website.

If your savings are below £23,250.00 you will be asked to complete a Financial Declaration form, giving full details of your income, savings and any other assets you own. We will use this information to calculate how much you will be required to contribute towards the cost of the care and support you are assessed as needing.

We can help support you to complete this, you can download or view the Financial Declaration form guidance to find out what information you will need to provide, you may even want to start to fill in the form.

We look at your individual financial situation and make sure you are getting all the benefits and allowances you should. We do not expect your partner to use their money to pay towards your care.

There are different arrangements depending on whether you receive care in your own home or whether you are living in a residential or nursing home. You can read the full policies for Charging Contributions - Non-Residential and Charging Contributions - Residential & Nursing Homes. Note that the Charging Contributions policy for Non-Residential also includes a list of disability related expenditure that will be taken into consideration as part of your assessment.

If you are eligible to receive Council funding towards your care and support, you must tell us about any changes to your income, savings or property that you own as this may affect the amount you have to pay. If you fail to tell us about any changes or try to reduce your assets (such as selling your home or giving money to others) so that it is not available to pay for care, we may reclaim any monies that you should have paid to the cost of your care.

You can find more information on the Paying for your care fact sheet.