Sight Loss

sesnory-impairments-homeIf you have or know someone who has sight loss there are different types of support that may be available.

You can contact My Choice for advice and information to help you identify organisations and support that is available within the local community. Alternatively, you can use the follow link to find services in the community regarding sight loss.

We can communicate with you in the most appropriate way, for example; British Sign Language (BSL), spoken language, SMS, email, text relay, fax, letter, large print or Braille. Please ensure that you advise us if you have any communication and information needs.

If you cannot hear or speak on the phone you may find helpful to enable you to communicate.

There is also a See & Hear Van run by Sight Loss Shropshire to view where the van will be, please see the See & Hear Van Schedule.

You can watch real life stories by visiting the Assistive Technology page featuring four Telford residents who explain how assistive technology has helped them.

If you are a carer for someone with sight loss you can find help and support on Looking after someone page.

If you have a Visual Impairment you can drop in by phone and speak to a Rehabilitation Officer for Vision Impairment on a Wednesday between 10am – 2pm Tel:  07976 426 483.

Safe Places

Visit this is an information hub containing places within the community that you can go if you are out and about in the community and you feel unsafe, scared or at risk.

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